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AbStudy And AuStudy

There is an important update to this page. Prior to 1 January 2008 Centrelink clients on Austudy were not entitled to get rent Assistance. However on 1 January 2008 legislation was changed to allow Centrelink clients on Austudy to also get Rent Assistance. The link to the information on the Centrelink website is (here).

All I can say is that it is about time. The Australian Government has certainly dragged its' heals over the years by not making changes to this bit of legislation. They have probably saved tens of millions of dollars (and put thousands of students through financial hell) over the years by not having to pay AuStudy clients any Rent Assistance. Do not forget Centrelink clients receiving AbStudy have been able to get Rent Assistance for years.

I am still checking to see if AuStudy clients are assessed as non-sharers like those on AbStudy (since AbStudy is exempt from the sharing provisions of the Rent Assistance Legislation). If they are not then the legislation still discriminates based on race (since only those of Aboriginal heritage can get AbStudy), and would mean that the government is still trying to save money whilst looking like they are doing the right thing.

I would have thought that the Centrelink and federal government staff monitoring this site (through the and servers) would have notified me that this page needed updating as soon as the legislation was changed. I have even left a request at the bottom of my index page for them to do notify me if any information on this web-site is out of date or innacuate. If they can't do that then what is the use of them monitoring sites like mine.

I have also decided to add a copy of the AuStudy payments page from Centrelink. The direct link to the original page is in the heading.

How Much Austudy Do I Get?

Payment rates appear below as a guide only and apply for 2008. Contact your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre for a personal assessment. This payment is made as a fortnightly payment into your bank or other account.

Austudy Rates

Status Payment Paid Per Fortnight
Single $355.40
Single, with children $465.60
Partnered , with children $390.20
Partnered , no children $355.40
Special rate for long-term unemployed commencing full-time study:
Single $431.70
Partnered, no children $390.20

Additional payments and benefits you may be entitled to:

Accessing Online Services

To register or find out more about your payments, go to Online Services.
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