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This web-site is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Centrelink. So sending me e-mails to find out information from client files or even contact numbers within Centrelink is fairly useless. You should contact your local Call Center and then ask to get transferred to local Regional Office.

What is the purpose of this web-site?

Even though this web-site is helping Centrelink carry out its' main purpose ("to pay those entitled to receive Centrelink payments their maximum entitlement - no more, no less"), it will probably not make Centrelink very happy. The reason for that is that I am making some information available for download that will increase (in most cases) a Centrelink clients' current Rent Assistance "maximum entitlement" to a new higher "maximum entitlement". The information shows the three ways that a sharer can alter their living situation, so that Centrelink is forced to re-assess them as a non-sharer, and pay them up to the maximum non-sharers rate of Rent Assistance. For most people purchasing this information should result in a substantial increase in their Rent Assistance payments.

I am not alone in offering this type of service. There are many companies that will (for a fee) offer to re-organise anyones finances to enable them to either get or increase their Centrelink payments to the maximum allowable.

I hope that as more people become aware of (and use) this information to get re-assessed and receive their new "maximum entitlement amount" of Rent Assistance that the huge amounts of Rent Assistance debts and errors will decrease. Unfortunately for Centrelinks' Rent Assistance Compliance Teams, if I succeed it means there will be much less work. The reasons for this are that they are assessed on the:
  • amounts and number of debts that they recover, and
  • number of Centrelink clients that they stop (and the amount of time they are stopped) from getting rent assistance.
Also, once the numbers of errors and debts have been reduced Centrelink will be able to intensify their efforts to find and prosecute the comparatively small number of clients actively defrauding them. In the past the government publicly bragged about how much money had been recovered, and how many people that they have denied benefits to (even though only a very small amount of those figures were the result of intentional fraud).

Wether you decide to purchase the information I am selling or not, you should take the time to read the site, as you will probably find some useful information. Even if you do not you can always get a laugh out of the humour.

Message to Centrelink

To those members of Centrelink that have been monitoring this web-site (yes, I have noticed and, I know who you are) through the server (to hide your address) and also the server. If you are going to monitor my web-site at least have the guts to user a server that does not hide your correct address. After all, as you have probably noticed I have not tried to lie or exagerate anything I have said.

I hope that you liked the humour pages and at least got a giggle out of them. If you have any Centrelink related cartoons or files (I know there are quite a few around) that you want published (or wish to "blow the whistle" on something/someone) please send them in (anonymously if you want) using the contact form. You are also welcome to send in any comments or criticisms.

Please feel free browse my web-site and do not bother me unless I publish anything that is actually wrong, out of date or illegal. However, if you are still gutless enough to do this whilst trying to hide your identity I will ban your server.